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NUE 054 Practice Test No. 3 Answers

Question Number   Answers - Key to symbols: x = multiply, 32 = to the power of, / = divide
Q1 False - the polarity is negative
Q2 True - the polarity is negative
Q3 0.002 Megavolts
Q4 1,500,000 ohms, 110 kV, 5,000 kW & 1.5 millivolts
Q5 800 watts using I = P/V then R = V/I then P = V2/R
Q6 zero
Q7 529 watts using P = V2/R
Q8 stop current flow
Q9 11.5 ohms using R = V/I
Q10 Circuit Breaker or SERF or Fuse
Q11 12.5 kW using P = I2 x R
Q12 False - the meter is connected as an ammeter
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