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NUE 053 Practice Tests - Click on a test number
(If tests contain graphics they may take a short while to load - please be patient)

For this module we will be using a different method of testing to those already available. The tests will still provide the same practice as in other modules but we will be using different software to generate the tests and a different style with multiple choice.
Sit a test to evaluate your knowledge
Because it is a pilot program, we would appreciate your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas so we can improve the testing format. You can send feedback from this website by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.
Click to get Acrobat Reader Some of the practice tests are in PDF format. To open the document you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed. If a PDF format test won't open you need the reader. It is free, so click on this link to download and install.

Test Number


Test No. 1

Transposition practice (PDF format)

Test No. 2

(Not yet available)

Test No. 3

(Not yet available)

NUE 052 Practice Test - Answers
Use the links below to check your answers once you have finished a practice test.
Test Number Description
Test No. 1 Check your answers to test No. 1 (Not yet available)
Test No. 2 Check your answers to test No. 2 (Not yet available)
Test No. 3 Check your answers to test No. 3 (Not yet available)

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